Day 8 – The beginning of the end…

I was sitting in an office, sitting across from an obese woman with her head down sobbing. I entered the dream too late to know why she was crying, but by my surroundings she was just told some bad news. She started gathering her things off of the desk, when I reached across the desk and lightly grabbed her wrist. Feeling her pulse under my fingers made my heartbeat race, and I started salivating. I went from being the person holding her wrist, to being a 3rd person view, only to see that it wasn’t me that was holding her hand at all. My boss had a look of being spaced out to him while he looked directly at the woman. I knew what was going to happen, however I also knew since I was seeing this, he was connected to our pack. If the others were asleep they would also be seeing this. I look around to see if I can sense the others, but I can’t. The only person I can sense is my boss. Not knowing what I should do, whether or not I should somehow try to communicate to him not to do it, that there was another way.

We had no idea in knowing what would happen if one of us should die while in this ‘trance-like’ state of mind. I feared that the repercussions of such an event would have devastating effects on us. My boss leaned in towards her drooling profusely while she tried to tug away from his now stiffened hand around her wrist. She paled, and started screaming as he pulled her towards him while advancing onto her. She picked up her phone and fumbled the keypad, and quickly an operator came on the line:

A female voice spoke through the phone, “911 operator, please state your emergency.”

“My boss is trying to hurt me! I’m at the offices of Jay, Nurz, and Associates on 13th street. He won’t let go of my wrist, and he’s acting crazy like he’s wanting to bite me.” she said frantically.

“Ma’am we’re sending someone there right now, whatever you do, don’t let him bite you! Something is happening out there, and you’re not the first person I’ve talked to tonight that was attacked by someone they knew! Get as far away from him as you can, and if possible, lock yourself somewhere where he will have issues getting to you.” the operator said. “I just got word, they are downstairs and heading up, what floor are you on?”

“I’m on the 5th floor, I can’t pull away! He’s too strong.” the employee said frantically. “AHHHHHHH! HE JUST BIT MY ARM! OH MY GOD, I’M BLEEDING, HE BIT INTO MY ARM” she screamed. She fainted and he took the advantage and started eating at her arm. A few minutes later, the ding of the elevator made him lift his head away from her neck, spewing blood from his mouth. As she lay twitching, he looked from her to the rumbling sound of the police running around the office looking for them. The cops kicked in the door and the sound of the shotgun being loaded filled the air. My boss turned away from the girl and faced the police officer.

“Holy fuck…GET DOWN MOTHER FUCKER!” the officer yelled. At the sound of another police officer yelling “CLEAR”, my boss took the advantage and rushed after the aimed police officer. The cop screamed and fired a round into my bosses abdomen. Pain shot through me as if I had been the one shot in the stomach. Amazingly my boss staggered back, looked down and ran again towards the officer. Now several other officers were surrounding the doorway, shotguns pointed towards my boss.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!? I SHOT HIM THROUGH BUT HE’S STILL COMING! OPEN FIRE! OPEN FIRE!” the officer that fired the first shot yelled. They all opened fire on him and I sat up grabbing myself in several places, sweat rolling off of me.

“What have I done….I killed two people by not telling him about our group, or at least given him information that he may of needed to prevent this from happening,” I thought to myself. “Please God, let this be just a dream,” I said while picking up the phone. I called into the office and didn’t get an answer. “Maybe it was just a dream,” I thought. Having a feeling I was wrong, I got dressed and drove to the office. As I was approaching I could see the red and blue lights reflecting off the glass from across the street. It wasn’t a dream. Just then my cellphone rang, and I answered, “Hello?”

“Sir this is Detective O’Brian, were you at work this morning?” the other side of the phone said.

“Yes sir I was, why do you ask?” I said playing dumb.

“Sir we’re going to need you to come down to the police station and ask you some questions. We found a peculiar voice mail on your desk phone from your boss, and just need to find out what it was pertaining to.” he said.

“I’m sorry officer, but I’ve had a long day, can this wait until tomorrow?” I asked.

“Come by first thing in the morning Mr. Owens, otherwise we’ll need to give you a visit to ask these questions. You should be getting a companywide e-mail, but I’ll give you a heads up. The office is going to be closed for a few days.” he said.

“Okay thanks detective. I’ll be there bright and early, should I ask for you by name, or will they know who I need to talk to?” I asked nervously.

“Oh they’ll know who you are. I mean they’ll know why you’re there, just tell them you were supposed to come in to answer some questions and they’ll point you to the right people.” he said.

“Will do! Talk to you tomorrow.” I said and I hung up.

I drove straight to Jasmine’s house and banged on the door. I could hear her running down the stair case and the door flew open. She was drenched in sweat, and her breathing was labored. “You too?” she said.

“Me too…I fucked up Jasmine…I fear this is the beginning of the end….” and I filled her in with what happened.

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