Day 3 – The Truth

I was afraid to look into the mirror in fear of what I would see, but I looked anyway. My bottom lip was mangled, like I had tried to chew it off while I was sleeping. I got the first aid kit and started cleaning up the mangled mess. The bleeding had already stopped, and I felt dirty and murderous, though it WAS just a dream.

Thinking to myself, “I just need a shower to clear my head, and maybe I’ll start feeling better.”

After taking a shower I stand over my bed and the images of the dreams was still in my front of my mind. “Ugh, I don’t want to go to work…but I can’t pay for the meat if I don’t go to work…”

Seemed like everything I did now revolved around ensuring I had enough food. I got dressed for work, and headed to the garage. Stopping in the kitchen on the way, I grabbed a zip-lock baggy of diced raw beef to eat on the way.

I got in the car and cranked up the radio to my favorite AM station ( I can’t stand this modern day shit that kids call music ). Call me old fashioned, but I care more about what’s going on in the nation, than to have some kind of music take my attention.

Radio announcer: “We welcome you to the NNN (national news network), with us today is the self-proclaimed scientist that helped engineer the government supplied livestock growth hormone. Thanks for joining us Dr. Smitty, let me start off by asking you what is on everyone’s mind….is the growth hormone the cause of this ‘meat virus’ that is striking the nation at an alarming rate?”

Dr. Smitty: “First I must tell you that anything I say on the radio is from my own opinion, and not that of the U.S. Government.”

Radio announcer: “(chucking) sounds like a disclaimer to ensure you don’t get sued by your employer.”

Dr. Smitty: “I changed my name on this show for that reason. Dr. Smitty isn’t my real name, as I’m sure you well know. The fact that I’m saying it’s my opinion is because it is indeed my opinion, and some of my colleagues do not agree with me on my statements. I’m coming forward today because I DO believe this is the reason for the ‘meat virus’ as the media has coined the symptoms from ingesting the growth hormone manufactured by scientists that worked for the government.”

Radio announcer: “I’m hearing word play here Smitty…give it to us straight. Did the government manufacture a growth hormone that caused this ‘meat virus’?”

Dr. Smitty: “In my opinion, yes they did. In fact, I believe they KNEW that the probability of this kind of outbreak was viable.”

Radio announcer: “Whoa whoa whoa…so you’re saying the government KNOWINGLY released this growth hormone that would cause this ‘meat virus’ in any one that ingested high amounts of the meat treated with it?”

Dr. Smitty: “I believe that the government released this hormone to SPREAD this virus!”

Announcer: “Oh come on now Dr. You can’t seriously have our listeners believe that the U.S. government spread around a virus that essentially turned it’s eaters into carnivores. That sounds like something a conspiracy theorist would say!”

Dr. Smitty: “I doubt you’ll have me on the air much longer, as your boss will soon get a call from the owners of this fine radio station to get me off the air immediately. But I can wrap this up by telling people to visit my website. The web address is”

Right then the radio went to static for a few seconds, then a different announcer came on the air saying “Due to technical difficulties, this scheduled program has been rescheduled for a later date. Please tune in to…” I shut the radio off. Something that Dr. Smitty said struck me as being true. The government kept this pretty low key, and this isn’t something that should be kept low key.

He was right…the people affected by this ‘meat virus’ (me included) have essentially became carnivores, and when carnivores run out of food, the food chain collapses and what I fear the most will come true…my dream….

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