Day 2 – The Dream…

I’m running after a man that is running down a dark alley. He’s holding a purse, so I assume he jacked it from someone. I can hear my heart racing as I run as fast as I can after this purse thief. I’m closing in on him, and he lets out a scream. He looks over his shoulder and trips over an unknown object. He stumbles into the building letting his face take the hit. He whimpers on but continues his run through the alley.

I’m catching up to him, and I realize I’m not even breathing hard. I check my own pulse while never slowing down, and realize my heart rate is only slightly elevated. “What is that pounding I’m hearing, if it’s not my heart”, I think to myself.

At this point I’m only steps behind the purse thief, and I can hear his labored breathing, I can hear the popping of his joints as he pushes them to the max, I can see his pulse in his neck. The pulse throb was happening at the same time as the thumping.

“How can I hear his heartbeat, from way back there?” I ask myself.

The man run into a door, and tries the handle. It was locked, and that’s all the time I needed to catch up with him and grab him by the shoulders. I whip him around, and I immediately smell urine. I look down at his pants and see that he wet himself.

“Why are you so scared” I tried to ask, but instead all that came out was an utter snarl. I can still see his pulse throbbing in his neck, but now I can feel his heart beat against my hands. I realize that I’m not in control of this dream, and watched myself rear back and strike the man in the head with my fist. Once, twice, three times in the head before you could hear a crack.

Blood was pouring profusely from his new head wound, and I see myself lick the blood from my fist. What I heard next was indescribable…the best I can think of that comes SOMEWHAT close would be utter ecstasy. Again I watch myself  rear back, but instead of my hand coming down upon the man’s head, my head moved towards his with a snarl and the man screamed, echoing down the alley. Blood splattered across the door, like a stream coming out of a water hose.

The next thing I heard was chewing…and chewing…and chewing….

I wake up with my heart racing. “It was just a dream…it was just a dream…a really really messed up dream…” I sit up, and look around. I put my hands against my eyes trying to get the images out of my head. I shake my head and stand up thinking to myself, “I don’t remember getting up and laying back down on the couch.”

I go to the bathroom and splash water on my face. I look down into the sink and see blood. “It was just a dream…I’m just seeing things…it was just a dream….wasn’t it?”

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