Day 19 – Lights out

I woke up still leaning against the door. I couldn’t hear anything, but I stayed leaning against the door for a little longer so I could try to focus my hearing for any sound. Confident that I didn’t hear anything I slid up the door, not trusting my still sleeping legs, and grabbed onto the sink. I turned on the water but it just spat and sputtered and eventually nothing came out. Figuring the police turned off the water to prevent any kinds of messes; I turned faucet knobs to the off position and opened the bathroom door.

I walked into the living room and saw a note slid under the the door to the hallway. I walked over and bent down to pick it up. I turned it over and over in my hand while walking to the window in kitchen to get some light and read the note that was left behind. I opened the note.


I found your wallet in a pile of clothes; you look different in your license photo. You saved my life when you pushed me into the wall. I can only repay you by following your instructions. When the backup came, I led them upstairs like you told me to, and I didn’t let them in to your apartment. You may have already noticed but we had to shut off the water to prevent destroying of the evidence upstairs. I came back in the middle of the night to check to see if you were alive, and I broke the lock on your front door. I don’t think you’ll be staying here much longer anyway, since it’s now a hot spot for researching these things you kept calling zombies.

Anyway, I’ve got people away from there this week, and I’ll be back buy every night to check on you until you leave and I can’t find you. I could hear you breathing in the bathroom. I only assumed you were sleeping because you didn’t move when I knocked on the door.

And don’t worry…I won’t let people know who you are.

How could I have been so careless, that I just left out identification in the middle of the room like that? If someone else found that, it would have been a bad deal for me. I went back into the living room and searched for my wallet. I dug through the cots and couldn’t find it. I dug through the clothes and still couldn’t find my wallet. The cop wouldn’t have taken it with her would she? Why would she need it anyway? I jumped when the front door opened, and I ran to hide behind the kitchen counter.

A woman’s voice said, “Jacob?”

The voice sounded like the officer’s from the day before. I peeked around the corner of the counter to see who it was. I was right, it was the officer from yesterday, but she was in street clothes.

“Hi officer…uhh, sorry I don’t remember your name.” I said.

“My name is Amanda and there is no need for formalities anymore. I quit the force this morning.” she said.

“Umm….okay? If you don’t mind me asking…why would you do that?” I asked.

“The nation caught wind of what happened here. Some punk kid videotaped what happened and caught parts of the conversation we had. I didn’t even notice the kid was there, anyway…the video went viral, and it had you (though no one could see your face) telling me exactly what the virus does to those that were bitten versus those who got it through the meats. Now you are all labeled zombies all over the internet. People are at an outrage, and the government declared martial law throughout the United States.” she said.

“I knew it was going to happen, but sucks that it’s because of me. So did they make you resign because you were in the video?” I asked.

“No, I quit because they gave the police department priority to shoot to kill all ‘natural and bitten zombies’. That means anyone they believe to be a zombie is a ‘shoot to kill’ target. I can’t do that, not when I know some of you are just trying to survive. I know what’s in your freezer over there. Just please don’t tell me you killed those people.” she said.

“No, they were already dead. They were John Does from around the city. The coroner was supplying them to butchers to be able to sell for a nice price to us.” I explained.

“There was always a rumor that there have been fewer John Does being brought in, but everyone thought they were moving on.” she said to herself. “We have a problem now though Jacob. I ran your license, oh by the way here’s your wallet, and right in the middle of running it, my computer was hacked and someone started downloading the files that your license pulled. Someone is actively looking for you, and you need to get the hell out of dodge.” she said.

It had to be the Control Group coming after us again, no one else really knew about me. “What all did they download?” I asked.

“The files from the case upstairs” she nearly whispered. “I’m sorry Jacob, I didn’t mean for it to happen!” she cried.

“Listen, we don’t have any time. I’m going to be hungry tomorrow, so I’ll need your help with this freezer. Do you know anywhere I can go, preferably close to the interstate so I can get a message to the friends I’m living with? It’ll need electricity and water, but that’s it. As you can see we’re pretty low¬†maintenance. ” I asked.

“Well, I live close to the interstate, but I don’t know. If people see you guys moving in right after I quit the force, they will be suspicious. Oh I know! There’s an abandoned house right off the interstate. It’s not been occupied for a long time, so no electricity or water, but you can always run off of a generator, and there’s a well in the back yard. In fact, I have a generator that will run for 48 hours on a single 5 gallon tank.” she said excitedly.

I started writing a note to leave at the apartment so the girls could find me when Amanda stopped me. “Be careful on what you write. If someone else finds this note it could mean your life. Have them meet you somewhere in the public, but don’t list the place. Just pick a place where they will know by simple hints.” she warned.

I nodded, and wrote for them to meet me at the first place we met here. Amanda reviewed it and nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright gather everything here, and put it in the freezer. We’ll carry it out to my truck, and go straight to my house so I can pick up the generator and a couple of buckets.” she said as she went over to the freezer.

We carried the 400 pound freezer and contents to her truck, and I was surprised on how strong and fit she was. I couldn’t help but stare at the sweat glistening off of her chest. When we got the freezer loaded, we got into her truck and she cranked up the A/C and started driving towards her house. When she arrived, I found goose bumps all over her arms and chest, up to her neck. She ran inside and came back out with buckets.

“I’m going to need your help with the generator.” she said.

I went into her house and followed her to the garage. When she opened the garage door I found it packed full of stuff. I looked around for the generator and couldn’t see it anywhere.

“Where’s it at?” I said.

She turned around and looked at me. “I’m sorry Jacob, but I have to be sure.” and the lights went out.


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