Day 10 – Jail Bird

When asked if I wanted to make a call, I asked if I could get it anytime I wanted it I denied right then. They agreed to it, and I nodded following the officers to my cell. I’d never worn handcuffs before, and found them awkward and heavy on my wrists. Entering my cell, I see a few other men in there. I hold my wrists out to one of the officers in hopes they would undo them, but they pushed me in the cell and locked the ‘door’ behind me.

“Hands” the closest officer said.

I stuck my hands sideways through the bars and he unlocked the cuffs one by one. When he un-cuffed the 2nd wrist, I pulled my wrists through the bars quickly and took the cuffs with me. The other guys whooped and hollered laughing at the officer as he took a step back and raised his taser towards me.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to get down on the floor, and put your hands behind your head.” he said confidently.

Remembering how little pain I had felt when I bloodied my knuckles, I decided to push my luck with the taser and stomped my feet towards him. He fired out of nervousness, and instincts kicked in allowing me to dodge left. The other guys ran to the back of the cell, still laughing at the officer after finding he had missed. The remaining officers pulled out their tasers and one of them said “You may have been able to scare him into pulling the trigger too soon, but I won’t miss.”

I shrug and toss the cuffs just out of reach of the officers. One of them cursed, and started fumbling for his keys while the officer that had already missed his mark reloaded his taser and pointed it back at my chest. “I’m not going to miss this time buddy” he said.

Knowing the only way to get the other guys on my side was to get fired upon again, I feigned running for the door to as they started to open it. The two officers with tasers pointed at me both fired, and I was struck within inches of each other on my right side of my chest. I felt the electrical impulses flowing through my body but felt no pain. I laughed at them and plucked the barbs out, and walked back to the back of the cell and leaned against the wall. The officers who fired looked dumbfounded and looked down at their guns to make sure the battery was still working.

“Mine shows it discharged everything it had between both shots…maybe the first shot was took all the juice out.” the first officer whispered loudly.

“No way man, mine’s empty too, and I checked it before I shot. There was enough juice in that to put down a 400 pound man in a few seconds. This guy took it without even flinching, he must be on something…be careful in there getting your cuffs back.” the second replied.

The first officer walks over to the door, puffs out his chest and nods to the officer holding the door walking in to grab the handcuffs. I start to hear his flutter in nervousness, and can see the arteries in his neck stick out from holding his breath as he walked into the cell.

“How long has it been since I’ve eaten…” I thought to myself scarily, “it’s been over a few days and Jasmine said we need to eat a few times a week…this isn’t good. I’m in control now, but if I lose control in this cell, there’s going to be a blood bath, and I’ll be the bather.”

When the officer walked (rather hurriedly) out of the cell and slammed it shut behind him, I called out to him, “Hey buddy, I’ll take my phone call now.”

He laughed nervously, saying “After that stunt, I don’t think so buddy. Maybe tomorrow….or the day after that, we’ll see.”

I started yelling at him trying to think of some excuses. “I need to call my girlfriend and have her bring you guys my meds!” I yelled. He raised his hand dismissively and walked down the hallway laughing with the other two officers about it.

I turn around and bang my head against the wall, thinking to myself I’ll have to control this no matter how hard it will be.

“Hey Buddy, what’re you on? I’ve not seen many men be able to withstand a taser without pissing himself, but you took two of ’em. You plucked them out like they were thorns or something. Anyway, the name’s Mike, this here is Trav” he said thumbing towards a man standing behind him. “We got picked up for public intoxication…mother fuckers were just stalking outside my buddy’s house and when we all started walking home we got picked up. Don’t know about the other guy. He’s been quiet since we got here.” he leaned in a little closer, but was careful to keep his distance. “I think he’s been cryin’ for his momma…first timer if ya know what I mean?” he whispered.

Thinking quickly I replied with, “I’m not taking anything man. I’m ex-military, so I was tased a few times in my day. Had to back then, you know…in case something happened to us. Anyway, under the circumstances it’s nice to meet you.” I shoved out my hand, and Mike just looked at it. Mike looked back at Trav and they both started guffawing. While they were howling in laughter, I took a quick peak at the other guy sitting by himself in the opposite corner of the cell as saw that he was a paling man probably about late 40’s early 50’s, and had the same look as my boss did before he struck. I walked over to him as quick as I could and leaned down to him, “GET AWAY FROM ME….YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I CAN DO” he screamed at me. “THE THOUGHTS….I CAN’T GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD….GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME DAMNIT!” he said, and tried pushing me away.

I grabbed onto his wrists and found them cold to the touch. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Let me guess, you can feel people’s heart rate even though they are across the room. You can see their arteries popping out like they’re willing you to bite into them. You’ve been having strange dreams about eating people. You may have even lunged at a couple of people. Sound about right?”

He turned his head and looked at me, “…it’s Satan I tell you. I’ve been possessed by Satan himself! I’ve been a good man my entire life, went to church, I even married the preacher’s daughter! Why am I being punished for that? I’ve prayed and prayed for Jesus to cure me of this possession. I even went to church to get Satan exorcised out of me. They claimed they freed me of his will, but yet I still feel it…I still feel this insatiable hunger to eat people. ” he said getting louder and louder as he went on.

I looked behind me and found Mike and Trav looking at me and the older man like we were both crazy. Doors opened down the row of cells and a “LIGHTS OUT BOYS” was heard echoing down the halls, and the lights went out.

The place went quiet, until a large growling sound was heard a few cells down.


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